India is experiencing a water problem | The Influence of Social Networks on Youth

The Influence of Social Networks on Youth

India is experiencing a water problem One of India’s major societal challenges is the recurrent water crisis in various states. Food and drinking water are critical for people’s well-being. When these two are in short supply, individuals might face unspeakable hardships. Despite the fact that numerous large rivers, some of which are perennial, run through … Read more

Taking Care of the Elderly | Animal Compassion | Women’s Emancipation

Animal Compassion

Taking Care of the Elderly Taking Care of the Elderly – The finest honour is to care for someone who once cared for us. Growing older is an unavoidable process. It is innate in humans. Maturity, knowledge, and dignity come with age. The elderly are priceless. They are esteemed family members, knowledgeable gurus, and keepers … Read more

Swanteh Summary 2022 | Postmaster’s Deed of Kindness

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Swanteh Summary A farmer by the name of Lencho lives on top of a little hill in a valley. In the valley, it is the sole residence. He informs his wife one morning that there won’t be any rain, which is necessary for the crops. After Lencho’s forecast, large raindrops start to fall about mealtime. … Read more

Premchand, Eidgah Summary 2022 | Nissim Ezekiel’s


Premchand, Eidgah Summary Summary: Hamid, the story’s main character, lost both of his parents. The protagonist of the tale is Hamid. He’s a little youngster, around 4 or 5 years old. Early in his childhood, his parents passed away. His guardian and caregiver is his elderly grandma Amina. They are in dire straits. They don’t … Read more