7 Tips To Prevent Your Job Stress From Dominating Your Life

7 Tips To Prevent Your Job Stress From Dominating Your Life

7 Tips To Prevent Your Job Stress From Dominating Your Life

Working at a high-stress job often makes you feel as if your back is up against the walls. If the feeling lingers in your home and you feel the urge to punch the wall there’s a problem.

Work stress has taken over your free time, and could disrupt your life, so that you don’t get the breather that everyone wants from the pressure cooker that runs 9-5.

Science supports the fact that anxiety about work chips away at your health.

Stress at work which you bring home frequently “does harm — it results in an increase in blood pressure and GI problems, and even brain cells loss over the long run,” says Gail Saltz, M.D., associate professor of psychiatry and geriatrics at The New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill-Cornell Medical College.

If this doesn’t put work stress in perspective, then listen at this study: A Harvard as well as Stanford study discovered that stress from work is just as bad as exposure to secondhand smoke, slowly leaking into your life, like exhaust from a bus. Yikes.

Do you find yourself thinking about deadlines and competitive colleagues when you could be enjoying yourself and taking part with the things you love? It’s not something you’ve put so much effort into throughout your career. These methods will help you set boundaries so that work won’t take over your thoughts at night.

1. Diffuse during your commute

7 Tips To Prevent Your Job Stress From Dominating Your Life
7 Tips To Prevent Your Job Stress From Dominating Your Life

After you’ve left the workplace, you’re now free to be on your own. Even if your journey home isn’t long, consider it as a time where you aren’t stressed about deadlines or rush to answer emails that aren’t due until the next day. In today’s society, the expectation is to always be accessible, Saltz says, so it’s important to set up an obstacle and get out of the work environment when returning to home.

For this, immerse yourself in the activities you love which you can enjoy during your commute. You can listen to the newest serial podcast or watch Beyonce’s Lemonade ;catch up on “Inside Amy Schumer” or John Oliver. Do nothing and relax in between the worlds. As you drive into your drive, the next rendezvous will be far away.

2. Sweat it out

7 Tips To Prevent Your Job Stress From Dominating Your Life
7 Tips To Prevent Your Job Stress From Dominating Your Life

SoulCycle, Zumba Step, barre exercises … Whatever exercise you’re interested in, performing it after work can help you relax tension that has built up over the past eight hours, by triggering the release of relaxing neurotransmitters and endorphins that help reduce stress.

Are you unable to make it to the gym at 5 pm? Do not worry regularly scheduled exercise at any time of the day can still provide the ability to reduce stress. This is because the fitter your body is, the more adept your body’s ability to handle anxiety and tension.

A few minutes of exercise throughout the day can be beneficial, according to Nutritionist Elisa Zied R.D., author of ” Younger Next Week.”

3. Change your setting

7 Tips To Prevent Your Job Stress From Dominating Your Life
7 Tips To Prevent Your Job Stress From Dominating Your Life

“Our physical environment has a profound effect on our psychological state,” said Paul Hokemeyer, Ph.D. psychologist and family therapist. It sounds a bit woo-woo and a bit woo-woo, but he’s onto something. To reduce stress at work, “you want to clearly the distinction between your different workplace and home settings,” so that your home doesn’t appear and feel as if it’s work but instead is a place to relax.

Consider this to be the best reason to shed your work attire and change to comfy yoga pants the moment you enter to the door. Cook (or warm up) comfort food items like mac and cheese, or roast chicken so that the aroma is a pleasant distraction to your senses. Lighting a candle that has the scent you’ve never heard of at work, such as citrus or vanilla, could create a dramatic impact.

The trick is to create an the perfect home atmosphere which is not a work environment to assist you in shifting the gears, says he.

4. Stop talking shop!

You might be angrier than ever due to a coworker who snubbed you to claim credit for your efforts. Perhaps a potential client cancelled — yet againduring an interview and your boss is hurling serious slurs towards you, suggesting that you’re not doing enough to secure the deal.

It’s natural to relax at home and launch into a tirade whenever your spouse asks you about how the day went. However, if you’re always ranting about work the moment you enter the office it’s bringing the workplace and all the stressors it brings into your own personal space, Faisal

“Unless there was something untoward to happen Reminiscing about things with your friends or spouse can cause the anxiety,” Hoque says, since it’s likely to remain in your head when you’re not working and may become a bigger issue than it actually is.

Research confirms that ruminating about stressful events could cause much more damage than benefit, by keeping stress throughout your brain. A study from 2013 study also linked ruminating to a higher chance of developing stress and depression.

5. Try a Mind Trick

It takes some concentration, but we’ll hear you out. Be aware your thoughts about workand the waves stress they cause take over your head. “Then start counting from 1 to 100 a second time. Repeat for as many times as you’re able to to clear your mind and bring it to rest in a comfortable location.”

This technique is a form that is a meditation that is guided practice of meditation in which focusing on counting improves your awareness of the present and eases anxiety. If you practice enough it will be automatic and you might just need just a few minutes to get rid of thoughts that are stressful.

6. Blackout time for schedules

Your mobile devices provide your daily lifeline. However, they can also be an important source of stress, as they keep you tied to your coworkers and clients. If you don’t really have to be connected (and we all know that the majority of us don’t and certainly not 24/7) turn off your email account at work for at least a couple of hours each day.

This makes it more difficult to look at your phone in anticipation of alerts … or you could even end up breaking the habit.

“If that you are responding to email on a regular basis it’s a sign that you’re saying “I’m always thrilled to be at work and enjoying my job!'” warns Saltz. Everyone has limits, and nobody can set boundaries for you if you don’t decide to set them yourself.

7. Find things to anticipate for the coming year

Schedule activities you love outside of working hours can help you stay focused on what you enjoy and gives you something to look forward to beyond the workplace, according to Hoque.

Thinkabout fantasy baseball watching the binge-watching of “VEEP,” heading out to a new restaurant and having a playdate with your pets — whatever keeps your mind busy and active, so that your thoughts about the next meeting won’t overtake you.

7 Tips To Prevent Your Job Stress From Dominating Your Life

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