What is Keyboard

What is Keyboard 2022 | Types of keyboards

A computer keyboard is an input device used with all types of computers. Newer devices like a smartphone and tablet even still use an on-screen keyboard This page is designed to help new computer users become more familiar and efficient with their keyboard. For new users, we suggest reading through all the sections below and doing all the practices.

What is Keyboard?

A keyboard is one of the primary input devices that allows users to input text into a computer or any other electronic machinery. It is a peripheral device that is the most basic way for the user to communicate with a computer. It consists of multiple buttons, which create numbers, symbols, and letters, and special keys like the Windows and Alt key, including performing other functions. The design of the keyboard comes from the typewriter keyboards, and numbers and letters are arranged on the keyboard in that way, which helps to type quickly.

Types of keyboards

1. Flexible keyboard

Flexible keyboard: It is a type of keyboard that is made of soft silicone with highly portable. It is water and dust-resistant and does not require constant cleaning. It acts the same as a standard keyboard and connects to the computer via a USB connection serial port. These types of keyboards can also be more durable in terms of some ways, as compared to a traditional keyboard.

What is Keyboard
What is Keyboard

2. Multimedia Keyboard

Multimedia Keyboard is one of the different types of keyboards.

Because the user’s hands are usually on the Keyboard, these keyboards offer the advantage of performing tasks much faster than those performed directly with a dedicated button.

They resemble standard keyboards but have a set of keys that allow you to control the most popular features of multimedia content players directly, such as Play, Stop, Resume, Rewind, Mute, Volume, and so on.

3. Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboards are not like other keyboards as they have no space between the individual keys.

An outline on these pressure-sensitive keys splits each symbol, letter, or number.

However, people used Polyester or Polycarbonate films with conductive inks to create membrane-based keypads, which they also call membrane switches and membrane keyboards.

4. KINESIS GAMING Freestyle Edge RGB

Best for super-fast typing and comfortable working. This keyboard is a perfect choice as the best keyboard for coding

The Kinesis keyboard is a next-generation keyboard with many features, including RGB lights, and advanced responsiveness leading the list. The most interesting thing about this keyboard is its design that coders can use for multiple purposes with enhanced comfort. There are various programmable keys that you can use for quick commands.


  • This keyboard is equipped with RGB lights, making it extremely useful for light and programming a classic background while working.
  • These keyboards contain programmable keys that users can utilize for instant commands.
  • This keyboard comes in with advanced responsiveness, making it a perfect choice for professional purposes.

5. Happy Hacking Professional BT PD-KB600BN

Best for sole coding purposes as it provides efficient and enhanced working and is the best keyboard for coding purposes.

This product is surely the most different one in its league because it completely focuses on enhancing the performance with Topre switches. The best thing about these switches is that they work instantly, making it easier for users to push in bulks of code quickly. The sad part is that the keyboard does not have arrow keys and side-way Numpad.


  • This keyboard uses the best quality of switch known as Topre switches, which enhances the quality of the keyboard.
  • The working of this keyboard is almost instant, which makes typing work easy.
  • This keyboard is extremely durable and occupies very little space.

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