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Choosing The Best Laptop For Music Production

Choosing The Best Laptop For Music Production If you’re recording bass guitar or hip-hop, or even the classical quartet it’s now possible to create virtually any kind of music with laptop computers. Choosing The Best Laptop For Music Production While any laptop can be used for the production of music however, the more serious you want to be and the more meticulous you must be when selecting the best laptop that can be used for music production. Choosing The Best Laptop For Music Production

Choosing The Best Laptop For Music Production The first step is to determine what you’re planning to do with your music on this laptop. Next, we’ll review the fundamental options and pinpoint the most essential peripherals and software. Choosing The Best Laptop For Music Production

Recording, Producing/Composing, or Performing?

Best Laptop For Music Production Reddit Laptops are used by musicians in various ways. A lot of them use a traditional method recording tracks with instruments and microphones, and then mixing them together to create the final sound. Best Laptop For Music Production Reddit Hip-hop pop, pop and EDM musicians usually make use of laptops themselves to create the majority of the actual sound, programming the tracks into a sequencer, or playing them out on an MIDI keyboard or touchpads that are connected to laptops.

Best Laptop For Music Production Reddit However, they record vocals and other sounds using microphones and mix them with computer-generated sound and frequently using snippets from music from other artists. DJs generally perform all of this and use laptops to perform usually Best Laptop For Music Production Reddit triggering everything with an instrument that comes with touchscreens and some turntable-like discs to scratch.

Each of these programs utilizes software programs referred to as digital audio workstations, also known as DAWs. Certain DAWs are geared towards recording, while some are focused more on making music within computers themselves. This is a fantastic guide on how to choose the best DAW.

Choosing The Best Laptop For Music Production
Choosing The Best Laptop For Music Production


Best Laptop For Music Production Folk singer/songwriter who wishes to carry a laptop when she travels on subways to take recordings of performances in Brooklyn is different from the producer who would like to create hip-hop tracks in his own studio at home in Atlanta. The first step must be to determine what your job needs. Do you need to be able to transfer your work? Best Laptop For Music Production Do you want your work to be simple or intricate? Do you think your laptop will be utilized in an event that involves live music?

Screen Size

Best Laptop For Music Production The screen is crucial since it determines the size of your visual space. The more complicated your work require, the larger workspace you require. Most laptops will allow you to watch up to 10-tracks of tracks at a time but controlling 30 tracks can be almost impossible with a tiny screen. Best Laptop For Music Production

  • Screens that are smaller (10-13″ across) can easily fit into backpacks. For recording and mixing purposes smaller screens are adequate.
  • Laptops of mid-sized size (14-16″) typically reflect the perfect balance between mobility and performance.
  • Big notebooks (17-18″) can be perfect for producers who have to oversee a variety of tracks simultaneously this is common for hip-hop, pop as well as EDM productions.


If you’re considering using your laptop to record live or for performing on stage, a smaller model is generally the best choice since it’s lighter to transport and occupies less space on the stage. Another factor to be considered in these kinds of applications is the life of the battery. It’s not a major issue in the home or in clubs with outlets nearby, but it is essential in mobile recording. In addition, if you plan to make use of your laptop to record performances or recording inside clubs, it’s a great option to pick a model that has a keyboard that is backlit.

Mac or Windows?

Best Laptop For Music Production In India MacBooks are reliable and fast however, there are similarly robust Windows laptops, usually at a lower cost. Best Laptop For Music Production In India The choice is based on two aspects that are your budget and the software you’d like to employ. Be aware that music studios with professional experience generally utilize Macs, so when you are planning to work with professional studios, recording only a couple of tracks in a larger space perhaps, or hiring a professional in mixing and mastering the recordings–a Mac may be the best option, though audio files created on Windows devices can easily be converted onto Mac OS and vice versa. Best Laptop For Music Production In India

More details can be located in our PC Vs Mac article.


The production of music can place an enormous load on a CPU or processor, that’s the central component of any computer. Choose the best and most efficient processor within your budget since it’s not always possible to upgrade it in the future. The more complex your productions are, the more your processor is essential. Mixing 30 tracks, a variety of sampled instruments, as well as a lot of digital audio effects requires an efficient computer.

Best Laptop For Music Production In India There are two indicators of processor performance you need to be aware of. A key one is core count. Each core is able to perform data processing independently, and increasing the number of cores will dramatically increase processing power. Quad-core processing is a great choice for producing music. Another measure is the frequency, and it usually is between 2.4 up to 4.2 GHz. The more speedier, the more efficient.

In general, a smaller laptop will come with a smaller processor, but this isn’t always the case.


RAM, also known as random access memory, is a storage device that stores information and programs temporarily while your computer is running. The more complicated the program is, the greater amount of RAM it will require.

For the production of music You’ll need at minimum 8GB, and more preferably 16GB of RAM especially if you’re working lots of recorded tracks or virtual instruments or applying various effectors to the tracks. RAM is among the most upgradeable parts of the computer, however, each laptop is limited by. It is best to pick one with at least 16GB of RAM.

Storage: HDD or SSD?

Audio files occupy large amounts of storage space. One complex song can easily fill up 1GB. That’s why it’s an excellent option to keep at the very least 1TB of storage available.

The arrangement of the storage is an additional issue. There are three options: a traditional HDD (HDD) that is based on the internally spinning disks. You can also choose a solid state drive (SSD) without moving components and an external HDD that connects to your laptop via USB.

An SSD can write and read data faster that an HDD and is more quiet and stable. However it is true that an SSD generally is five times more expensive per GB than an HDD. One option for laptops that support the option, would be to purchase 128 or 256 SSD and an 1TB HDD. This way, booting and loading applications from the SSD are extremely fast and you will can store plenty of music documents on the HDD.

Another option is to save your music files or at least the ones you have archived on another external HDD. This approach is more complex however it allows you to increase the storage capacity when you require it. Additionally, it lets you go for a slimmer, smaller computer.


For a laptop to interface with instruments, microphones and other audio equipment it will require an audio interface that connects to your laptop via an USB port. If you’re making music directly on your laptop, then you’ll need USB to connect an instrument, keyboard MIDI pads (for tapping out beats) as well as DJ controllers. A lot of music professionals prefer using control surfaces that provide an interface that is physical, similar to mixing boards instead of managing their recording and mixing with the mouse.

Laptops have at minimum 2 USB ports, but you could need more ports particularly if you wish to connect your peripherals, such as a mouse or keyboard that is wired and an external hard disk. Every computer’s USB ports are upgraded by connecting an USB hub or hub for portable devices this is an additional piece of equipment to carry.

Speakers/headphone jacks

It’s surprising that these features do not really matter when you use a laptop to create music. Laptops’ speakers are of poor quality and are only used in situations when you don’t have anything else to listen to. They will not sound great through them. Even if you attempt to adjust your mix to make them sound great your music is likely to sound weird when played through high-quality speakers. You can connect your headphones to the headphone jack that is built into the laptop, however in the majority of laptops, the audio amplifier that is that is connected to the headphone jack is not of high quality, and could alter the audio quality of your headphones.

It is good to know that many audio interfaces come with headphones as well as connections that let you connect a set of premium powered monitors that allow you to create great-sounding music. Since isn’t it absurd to put in hours selecting the best laptop and thousands of hours creating a song and then listen to it on speakers that aren’t of the highest quality?

Final Tracks

When you’ve picked an audio device, laptop and DAW software that’s right for you You’ll be able to make music productions that are studio-quality. In reality, much of the music you listen to on the radio was created with nothing more than. All you have to do is your imagination and imagination.

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